By Kelly Luck

Fringe veterans will be familiar with phillip low, the spoken word artist who has become something of a regular at our festivals. This year he brings us something a little different, a humorous tale of mayhem, altered histories, drunken angels, and a man in a red suit who carries the fate of the world in his big toy bag.

To summarize the story would take far too long, and spoil too much of the fun.Suffice to say we weave through a minefield of private eye cliches, holiday specials, a particularly deft piss-take on Dan Brown novels, and the shattered remains of a fourth wall that never had a chance. The pace overall is brisk,though there are parts that sag with exposition. Fortunately, they don’t last too long, and the pace picks up again all the way to the end. Along the way the humor is pretty ribald, dancing close to the edge without ever crossing the line.

Mr. low has not generally featured humor in his previous shows, but it seems he is more than capable of handling the format. More forays into comic material in the years to come would not, in this reviewer’s opinion, go atall amiss. In any case, we make it a point every year to pay a call on Mister Low to see what he’s brought us, and advise our fellow festival goers to do likewise.

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