Phil Kinen's Big Show 

60 year-old, burned out Huck Finn no longer finds joy in writing and storytelling, and seeks new adventures. Enter Iktomi, a native American boy who entices Huck with the legend of the Winding Wind. They embark for Apache Territory where circular air streams can take Huck's balloon in flight and then return him magically back to the same spot. More is in store as they encounter Indian attacks, wild creatures and other dark unknowns that unexpectedly unites the two in special relationship.

Comedy, Theatre | 60m |Mature Audience Only

Warren Deckert

Nine people are invited to the opening night of a play which doesn't exist! No one knows who sent the invitation! Someone or something is lurking in the dark beyond the flickering lights! A raging storm has suddenly appeared in the night sky outside! Did you just hear a voice? Don't even think about heading for the exit!! A new comedy by Denny Dey. Directed by Warren Deckert.

TheatreComedy | 60m | All Ages

Kansas City Cabaret

Put on your spandex and step into the ring! Kansas City Cabaret is ready to get down and dirty for our 8th year at the KC Fringe Festival. Watch four buxom burlesquers battle it out for the “Glittery World Burlesque Federation Championship Shimmy Belt.” Join us for a night of raucous entertainment that combines the best of wrestling and burlesque. Cheer for your favorite brawling babe to determine who goes head-to-head to win the coveted title. Hold onto your folding chairs…it’s going to get wild!

Cabaret | 60m |Mature Audience Only

Relevance Productions

In the wake of her husband’s death, tyrannical matriarch Bernarda Alba enforces eight years of mourning upon her five daughters: For eight years, they are not allowed to leave their home. But the daughters’ desires for love and longing for freedom have come to a boil, leading to an explosive generational confrontation. Described as a “surrealistic dream-like vision, punctuated by an expressionistic nightmare,” this genre-bending piece of theatre explodes off the stage by way of an all-female cast. Based off the Spanish rural tragedy by Federico Garcia Lorca. Conceived and directed by Scott Cox.

Theatre | 60m |Parental Guidance

Relevance Productions

Scott Cox believes he’s witnessed the second coming of… George Clinton. His friends told him the Funk-master isn’t dead, but now he's a dangerous man on a divine mission. To spread the Gospel of Funk (AKA “The Capital T Truth”), Scott’s mission is clear: star in a one-man show as Clinton. He must embody the spiritual guru of P-Funk - and his friends are determined to stop him. This whimsical exposé of cultural appropriation and the tyranny of the machine is Knee Deep in metatheatrical mayhem and the Funkiest Catalogue of hits this side of Plainview, NJ. Join Scott Cox, Trevor Belt, Derek Trautwein and the rest of the Relevance crew for a Funk-tastic Fringe Experience!

Music, Theatre | 60m | Parental Guidance

Relevance Productions

Jake lives in a small town where people talk and everyone knows each other’s business. It’s common knowledge that Jake has a reputation for solving problems with his fists. One day he is waiting outside the daycare for the father of a child who’s been bullying his daughter. Adamant that he just wants to talk, those close to him aren’t exactly giving him the benefit of the doubt. Lookin’ for a Fight examines the life and familiarity of a small town, the cycle of violence, where it starts, and how it ends. Written by Derek Trautwein The Islander and directed by Trevor Belt The Hairy Ape, The Islander.

Theatre | 60m | Parental Guidance


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