By Bob Evans
Original Review on KC Applauds

Patrons at the KC Fringe Festival found a superior performance when they chose and attended Mark Toland Mind Reader’s show at the Westport Coffee House and soon learned that only advance ticketing guaranteed them the chance to see the marvels of Toland’s skills.

Toland won the Best of Venue award which granted him a bonus performance at the Coffee House performance space that holds 90 persons. A Coffee House employee said that they set up 90 chairs because that’s all they have–and they were packed throughout his run. Rightfully so. Toland presents the most incredible hour act of reading the minds of random persons in the audience.

No set ups or phony audience plants here. Toland throws a stuffed miniature likeness of himself into the audience and asks for the doll to be tossed two additional times to insure random selection of audience members. Those selected audience members become the target of his mind-reading skills

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