Bird In The Middle

After a botched robbery, Kevin finds himself hiding at a dinner party. As Lucy & Kyle, the hosts, attempt to keep their uninvited guests' identity a secret, the growing lie pushes everyone to the brink. Of sanity, probably.

An improvised film.

Film | 60 m | No Rating

Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City

The Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City presents a collection of short films written, produced, performed and shot by some of the finest of Kansas City's film community! Join us as we explore the brightest moments, the darkest depths, the joys and fears of storytellers young and old, professional and amateur, over six unique screening experiences.

Film | 60 m | No Rating


Starring Missy Fennewald, this experimental narrative film pulls the viewer into the world of internet addiction and it's ever-increasing presence in the new millennium. Utilizing a skillful mixture of motion and still photography, IMAGES challenges the viewer's sense of self-control and sense of self. Mixing color and black and white imagery, the film emulates the addictive nature of the world wide web, and opens doors to self-evaluation and imagination in the process. IMAGES is a focused experiment in storytelling aimed at a growing concern; internet addiction and its effect on human psyche. Missy Fennewald offers viewers a raw dramatic image of one mind struggling for control in two separate worlds. Running time: 50 min.

Film | 50 m | No Rating


QUACK -  When a paranoid young man is terrorized by the recurring presence of a rubber duck, he soon learns that his squeaky tormentor is merely a herald of something far more malevolent.

Rules We Live By -  After being set up and betrayed, struggling siblings turned small-time criminals soon discover that revenge always comes at a cost.

Film | 60 m | Mature Audiences Only

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