Jenn Appell Productions

In the wake of 9/11, Jen Appell co-created the original rock musical Joan the Maid (now performed as Arc of Joan). Informed by the political and social climate, the production envisioned what Joan of Arc’s life would have looked like under the microscope of modern media, reality television and the national obsession with cult of personality. In this re-envisioned workshop/production of the song cycle enhanced with slick video elements, Jen Appell and The Saints perform a minimalistic version of the musical to examine the heroine’s path of discovery, power, loss and acceptance. Audience Q & A follows each performance.

Theatre, Music | 60m | Parental Guidance

The Cult Next Door

Hi. Hello it’s me. And you, yes, you are invited to a #QueerCultHorror loosely inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s Masque of the Red Death. Excited yet? Prepare for sexuality, intimacy, and ecstasy, as you swallow down the fears of reality to enter our world of fantasy. It’s time to replace all these controversies with our musical numbers about vulnerability, daddy problems, and toast. It'll be a party you’ll never forget! Join us. XOXO From The Hostess With The Mostest ~ Prospero <3

The Cult Next Door is a NYC based theatre company that was founded in the depths of Pace University’s School of Performing Arts. This eclectic mix of international performers, who have individually trained in various aspects of performance, have come together to manifest ungodly proportions. Together they incorporate music, highly physical movements, satire, and explosions to create work that reveals the strange, grotesque, and sometimes unsettling aspects of daily routine.

Theatre, Music | 60m | Parental Guidance

Fishtank Theatre

The Fishtank's new performance 'Liminal State: A Traveler's Guide' delivers an eclectic collection of new theatrical work; modern and experimental, celebrating the body as an expressive tool, vessel for research, and site for social action.

Inspired by Butoh and physical theatre, Liminal State travels the threshold of liminality, or, the in-between, and enforces the importance of the journey. It's visually captivating, viscerally stimulating, and mentally immersive. EXPLORERS WANTED. Directed by Heidi Van & Logan Black.

Theatre, Dance | 60m | All Ages

Crumblecake Productions

Written partially as a love letter to Chicago,  Neighborhood Goons  is loosely based on some of the characters there and the things they did - namely drink, swear, and beat each other up.

Comedy, Theatre | 60m | Mature Audiences Only

Tara Varney

Schisms, disconnects, and words left unsaid. From the creator of past Fringe hits Sexing Hitler, Red Death, and Voyage to Voyager, comes a collection of intimate, touching, and humorous scenes that explore the difficulties we experience communicating with each other. Starring Amy Hurrelbrink, Parry Luellen, Mike Ott, and Marcie Ramirez.

Theatre | 60m | Mature Audiences Only

musical theater heritage

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