By Bob Evans
Original Review on KC Applauds

If you don’t get enough coverage of Donald Trump and his daily adventures, just come to the show at Musical Theatre Heritage Mainstage to see “WTF Happened? On the Phenomenon of Trump,” a rollicking review of the character-types that make up his bullet-proof bevy of supporters.

Erik Abbott lampoons those stereotypical characters with his clever and rich personification of four groups who seem to comprise the solid core of the Trumpians. Be prepared to see a coal miner who just knows in his heart that DT is there for him and will open the mines and restore all the lost jobs, because “…he understands me and he wants to help me.” Included is another character, a beer-swilling redneck that wants to build the wall, block immigration, keep out terrorists, re-establish “White Power,” and take America back to the days when things were a whole lot better (circa the 1950s). Of course, a dissection of the Trumpsers could not be complete without inclusion of the Evangelical wing. This group just knows that DT is a man of God, and that although he may talk and act not like a man of God, he is actually God’s instrument to lead people to God and restore the teachings of The Bible because he believes every word of the Bible is the God-fearing truth. And, finally, no synopsis of the DT followers could be complete without the elected officials within the Republican Party. Here, a Congresswoman explains her displeasure with DT, but just knows that even with disagreement, it’s hard to break with her long-established voting traditions.

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