2019 KC Fringe Festival

This is a complete listing of all of the 2019 KC Fringe Festival Performing Arts shows. Feel free to scroll though and click shows that you want to learn more about or to find tickets. You can also use the handy, little search bar up top if you know the title, genre, venue, or producer of the show you wish to see.


Six Degrees of Defecation

“Musical Geography – An Exploration of Historic Instruments from the Silk Road”

With Me, and Such as Me, it is Different

Big Top

*CANCELLED* – Out of the Darkness


The Lightweight

Para Pendejo No Se Estudia


*CANCELLED* – Big Gay Magic Show!

The “SIN”-sational Mae West

Help me help me

The Kitchen Plays


An Old Troubadour & His Guitar

Enlarged to Show Texture

Pirates in Corsets or PMS Pinafore


Man Cave, a One-Man Sci-Fi Climate Change Tragicomedy!

5 Plays

The Young Life and Troubled Times of Reuben Hall


Weirdo: A Perfectly Normal Lesbian Contemporary Ballet…Romance Included

Look What the Fire Did

The Summer House by: Christie Kennard

Pieces Of My Heart

Hanging by the End of the Leash

Gleesical: A Stage Musical Satire of the Hit Fox TV Show, Glee

Hope Help Line

Final Curtain

Five and a Half Feet of Fearsome

T-Money Is Cancelled

Red Clay Country and White Cloverine Salve


Caddy Shakes

In Just My Underwear

Accidental Points of View

The Artist: Inspired

Is This a Test?

Flights of Faery Fancy

Emily the Musical

The Green Kanvaz Experience


Puerto Rican American Gothic

I Could Take a Nap, but Killing Myself Would be More Productive

The Chapters of Seeking: Momentum, Truth, In Time, & 4 Love

Magic Is Not Pretty: An Evening of Keeping Secrets

“Bones Beneath the Sidewalk”


I Proud Mary

The Women Of Cell Block 4

The Greatest-er Show at Fringe

You Get What You Need

War Paint

Louder Than A Sound By KC2

Cowboy Mouth by Sam Shepard and Patti Smith

And Jesus Wept

Beneath the Bikini

Fantasmo vs. the Vampire Women

Caitlin Cook: Death Wish

*CANCELLED* – Gusewelle and Dolan: The Hunting Humanists.

Life of an Empath

Dreams Do Come True

For Whom the Comedy Panders

Scream in Blue

The Science of Kansas City

Sides of History

KC’s Magic Showcase


The Family Continues

Turning the Page

Yeti and Me!

You Are (Not) Okay

U Really Got A Hold On Me; A Tribute To The Music, Trials & Triumphs of Smokey Robinson

Let Me Explain My Blackness: Addressing Black Women’s Thoughts Through Comedy

What a Woman Wants

Local Film Works

Donating Sperm To My Sister’s Wife


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