Mechele Leon/ Oak Marrow Productions

If there’s a breast cancer sisterhood, what’s a girl to do when she finds herself instead in a bladder cancer golf club? Mechele Leon wrote and stars in this personal story about getting cancer and losing a bladder, about chemotherapy and the fight to survive. Performed with props and puppets, music and audience participation, this solo show is an irreverent, self-mocking, and hilarious take on bladders, cancer, and living life without the “tank.”

It was 2016 when Mechele Leon, a professor of theatre at the University of Kansas, was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  How does a person tell the story of a trauma?  Director, actor, and comedian Mechele does it by exploring different ways of telling a cancer story: from fairy tale to podcast, from cooking demonstrations to puppet theatre.  It's SNL meets the cancer confessional — don't miss it! Directed by Theresa Buchheister.

Theatre, Comedy | 60m | Parental Guidance


Come play with us! Experience Kansas City in a way you've never heard or seen before! Downtown Replay is a collaborative and interactive piece exploring the sights and sounds of KC. Be a part of this full sensory experience featuring interactive dance, sound and video. KC/MOtion is Jon Robertson, Lauren Thompson, and Tom Hipp. This performance is funded through ArtsKC.

This piece originated in 2015, commissioned by the Downtown Council of Kansas City, as a series of improvisational performances in public spaces in downtown Kansas City. These spaces included Oppenstein Brothers Memorial Park, KCATA Transit Center, Ilus Davis Park, and the Asheville Fringe Festival. The public nature of these improvisational performances allowed for extensive and unique interactions between the artists and the spectators.

Dance, Variety | 60m | All Ages

Rebel Rebel KC

We are storytellers, but we are also activists. We filter and magnify and distort the society we live in to entertain, but also to force it to look at itself, and to push it forward. Onstage and off. We will not quietly accept the status quo. Those that do will be left behind. Militant Showgirls features a rotating cast of burlesque, cabaret, aerial, and sideshow artists engaging themes of resistance and empowerment in four unique shows. Our revolution has dancing!

Variety | 60m | Mature Audiences Only


An idealistic artist calls for an art strike in the Crossroads to battle unscrupulous and unethical authorities.  The resulting Tweet storm surprises even him!  His moral compass spins wildly as he and his family land in jail, First Fridays disintegrate and the entire world is painted beige!

Theatre, Comedy | 60m | All Ages

Storm The Hip Hop MC

This play explores the generational gap between today’s style of hip hop in comparisons to the Golden Era. When a young man disturbs an older gentleman’s peace on a train ride, a battle of will and wit ensues. Can the wild stallion be tamed? Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Who wins? There are no losers in the game of respect. Winning is all a matter of perception.

Theatre, Music | 60m | All Ages

Sacred Stages

Following a catastrophic event, best friends and polar opposites Comedy and Tragedy are cast out as spiraling whirlwind dancing on the scales of time and space. Searching always in hopes of finding what they really need. Which is what? Peace? Love? Spending a timeless eternity circling the fringe of a fading universe for a lost artifact? Have we said that already? Aren’t you interested? JOIN THE CYCLE! Experience life as these two snakes wind their way to the top of 'THE CADUCEUS!'

Theatre | 60m | Parental Guidance


Phosphor Studio

1730 Broadway Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64108