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Having a hard time deciding what to attend, or want just a few more details about a show you're thinking of attending? Look for whether its been reviewed by one of our resident reviewers, Hephzibah Dutt, Bob Evans or Kelly Luck. We've also linked in pieces from reviewers from around the Metropolitan area! Find reviews under the different categories.

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Featured Reviews

Teresa Moore delivers a high-energy, dizzying rendition of the main plot-line of Taming of the Shrew with impressive solo characterization of 11 characters. Fans of reduced Shakespeare shows like The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) or Breakneck Shakespeare are sure to enjoy Shrew’d as Moore embodies, in near-schizophrenic succession, upto 5 characters in a single scene.[read more]

...History buffs will love to hear the story of the famous Lakota chief who defeated Custer at Little Big Horn and brought the U.S. Calvary to its knees.  With Sam Wright commanding the stage as the bigger-than-life Indian chief, expect an hour packed with dynamic acting.  Wright dominates the stage from his initial entry through his fade-to-black closing. [read more]

[...]Among the highlights: a cyberpunk/VR/noir presentation that seems to be part of a larger project, a caper set in a hospital with lots of twisted humor (even if the ending was a bit of a non-sequitur), and a film made as part of a 48-hour project. This last was rather odd, and kept the audience puzzled for the most part, but then the big reveal came, and the "a-ha" moment made it all clear very satisfactorily.[read more]

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Resident KC Fringe Reviewers

Dr. Hephzibah Dutt

Mr. Spots.meHephzibah Dutt is a theatre scholar-artist and educator. She has a PhD in Theatre and graduate certificate in Performance Studies from Bowling Green State University. Hephzibah has taught, directed, coached actors, and written both critically and creatively for the past 12 years.
Part of a globe-trotting family which started out in India, Hephzibah has written and performed her one-person show of family travel narratives-- "You'll See When We Get There"-- in the US and internationally. Her current project bears the working title, "Things My Parents Taught Us." Here in Kansas City, She heads up the community building and engagement programs for a local non-profit, Westside Housing Organization.

Bob Evans

IMG_1284_edited-2I continue to pursue my journalism career since the writing bug infected me in high school and ink just continued to flow fluently through my veins.  I began my interest with high school journalism classes and became editor of my high school newspaper.  I followed that with a degree in education with emphasis in journalism from the University of Kansas, began my teaching career as a journalism teacher; continued with a Master’s Degree in a journalism curriculum.  My teaching career lasted 29 years.  Upon retirement, I missed the involvement and satisfaction of publishing. I worked for three years for a local publication and then decided to specialize in Performing Arts.  For four years I have been regularly published on online publications.

Kelly Luck

croppedKelly Luck has been a Kansas City resident since 2011. She has written for KC
Stage, Camp, The Star, and SciFi4Me. In her spare time she writes, creates
virtual reality experiences, and builds robots.