By Kelly Luck

The Right Between the Ears radio company has been broadcasting sketch comedy on Kansas Public Radio and nationally  for many years now, and has also established itself as Fringe regulars. This year, they present a satirical spoof of the old time sci-fi radio serials, “Rex Dexter of Mars.”

The Dexter family, having abandoned 1939 Earth for a saner life on the red planet, send Rex back in 2018 on the assumption that surely by now the planet has gotten its act together. You can guess how that goes. If that wasn’t bad enough, a villainous madman has sworn to destroy the Earth, and it looks like he might just be able to do it.

Overall, the show is very good; the RBTE people have been doing this for along time, and their polish is evident. A lot of material is extracted from the conceit of the 1939-era mindsets finding themselves dealing with the world of 2018.  But for the most part, in space, it’s still the age of zap guns and giant clanking robots.

Radio comedy aficionados may hear notes of Douglas Adams, and Bob & Ray, if this reviewer is not mistaken. Fans of a particular red-hatted politician, however, may not appreciate a great deal of the humor. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable production, and it’s almost a shame that it ends with…

Well, that would be telling.

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