By Kelly Luck

To say Elle Captain (aka Nicole Raab) is an unusual sort of person is to seriously understate the situation. She is a dancer and aerialist, performer and, if that weren’t enough, a professional sailor licensed to captain 100-ton vessels. In short, it would be hard to find someone with this combination of skills any time soon. Likewise, her show “Sea Legs” is every bit as unique, combining humor, dance, narrative and the love of the sea.

The program is divided more or less equally into dance routines, aerial acrobatics, and segments where she shares some of her personal and professional history. Ms Raab has certainly had some fascinating experiences, and it is most enjoyable to hear about them. Likewise, there is a balance between the humorous and serious. Frankly, this reviewer prefered the latter, particularly the legend she shares of a boat’s figurehead, and another about loving the person in the mirror. This last has a segment, in which her dance mirrors the movements of a dream version of her younger self and is particularly affecting.

Unfortunately, Ms Raab has received an injury to her hand which prevents her doing the aerial segments of the performance herself, but she has enlisted fellow members of the local Voler aerial ensemble to fill in for her in these parts, and the show is, we believe none the worse. There is a little audience participation, but it is brief and occurs at the very end.

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