By Kelly Luck

“Somewhere” is the story of two friends--a gay man and a bisexual woman--who move to Chicago to start new lives. Each, however, is haunted by the people they left behind. In the man’s case, it’s the boyfriend he unceremoniously dumped the night before leaving; for the woman, it’s the father who refuses to understand or accept her. Each tries to settle into their new lives, but in neither case does it go as they had hoped.

The thing to know about “Somewhere” is that it is a work in progress--indeed, it is only the first act of a musical play currently under development. It is best to keep this in mind when viewing, as the dialogue, music, etc, are all decidedly unpolished. As to what it may become, this reviewer is of two minds. Being of the LGBT community oneself, it is easy to find a lot of the material covered to be “old hat” (one knows of at least one publisher of LGBT fiction who has sworn she will not be held responsible if she has to read yet another coming out story), but on the other hand it’s still true that not everyone knows or understands these things. Granted, the odds of such people coming to see this are pretty low, but it’s always possible.

The performances are generally uneven, as is (unfortunately) the singing. It is to be hoped this work will improve with time and effort, but at present it is best approached as a look at the process of creating theatre, a rough draft to be revisited further down the road.

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