By Kelly Luck

Confession time: this reviewer is not a fan of Supernatural, the TV show of which this is a parody. I am vaguely familiar with the premise of the show: two men traveling around hunting down and neutralizing supernatural menaces. But having the opportunity, I found myself settling in to see this instead. And actually, even if one isn’t intimately familiar with the source material, the film holds up on its own.


Essentially, two young men--the believer and the skeptic--go around interviewing people who believe they’ve had supernatural encounters. Each one proves to be a bit of an odd duck, with a story equally bizarre.

Meanwhile, on a road not far away, a mysterious hitchhiker thumbs her way to an appointment with the two…


Overall, it is a pretty amusing little film. I’m sure I missed a lot of the “inside” jokes that fans of the show will appreciate, but  it does stand up on its own. The ending was a bit odd, but consistent with the overall tone of the show. Also, a sequel was teased that this reviewer certainly hopes to see, perhaps at next year’s festival.


This film is captioned.

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