By Luke Dodge

Three rings hang from the ceiling akin to the traditional three rings of the bigtop circus. Kansas City Aerial Arts with VidaDance combine to form a powerhouse team whose elaborate props coupled with big dramatic music gives this show the feel of a gigantic production. Women of all ages, from child to adult, dress in colorful and unique costumes. There is even a top hat-ed ring leader who performs tap dance to complete the feeling.

Beginning with simultaneous aerial acts on three rings with two women to a ring sets the pace for the show and the action never slows from there. Dancers in white dresses with clear umbrellas; a lion tamer doing tricks with her contortionist “cats”; romantic couples dancing in the vein of “Singing in the Rain”; a strong person competition featuring a pair of trapeze artists; pastel-colored dancers to throbbing Indian beats; rope work which makes your head spin; traditional ballet set to Spanish inspired rhythms. You name it, this show has it.

Choreography creates a tale within the acts which is well written and executed. Pace slows down for some of the dances to help vary the rhythm of the show. Fun personalities come out in the characters of the performers which adds an extra layer of entertainment onto an already packed show. Music is well selected and ranges from waltz to rock, though the cuts were a bit sharp at times and could have used a more gentle fade.

These women display impressive feats of agility and strength, often moving in ways I didn't think were possible. My body feels tired and sore just watching them. If you're going to see just one non-theater show this one has it all. Buy your tickets ahead of time, because this show will be a sell out.

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