Cody Clark

Magician Cody Clark combines the arts of magic, theatre, comedy, and storytelling to give a first-person account of living with autism. From his birth to his graduation from the University of Louisville, Cody will take you through his life story, with his magic effects showing how his autism gives him a unique way of looking at life.

Variety, Theatre | 60m | All Ages

Suzanna Lee/ Lucky DeLuxe

Dirty Birdie Story Hour is a storytelling celebration of deviance. It’s an evening of true, personal stories all themed around deviance (all kinds, not only sexual). Show creator and host, Susanna Lee, hand-picks professional entertainers, as well as other interesting and relevant people to share their darkest secrets, and also builds into each show spots for audience members to come onstage and share quick tales of their own, as well as original games with unique prizes (supplied by local businesses when possible). The show has tickled and thrilled LA audiences for nearly three years, and has been featured in various other cities as well, including Chicago, Saint Louis, and Kansas City. Dirty Birdie Story Hour began in 2014, in a bar without customers. Show creator, Susanna Lee, says, The first few months were literally just the storytellers confessing their dirty deeds to each other, like a support group for proud perverts. Then, when that bar took its final breath, the fun moved to the back room of an "adult" club in Van Nuys, CA, where it ran for several months before finding a new home at a venue in the heart of Hollywood, Three Clubs (as seen in the movie "Swingers), as a monthly cocktail hour show before the venues main attraction, Monday Night Tease, LAs longest running weekly burlesque show. It's now a monthly event in LA, St. Louis, and Kansas City, with select content also available on

Spoken Word, Variety | 60m | Mature Audiences Only

Louder Than A Sound

Louder Than A Sound is a display of what it means to be a musician and to show that singers are more than just sound on a mic. This show was created to help demonstrate that music has a bigger purpose than just entertainment. It's used to show how real the world is and why it is important to show your voice.

Music | 60m | All Ages

Cia Cole

“When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad…I simply remember my favorite things…and then I don't feel so bad!” A show put together from my own favorite things! Me and my crew of artists will have harmonious conversation across some of our favorite musical genres. This show joins sparks and fusions of current and old school RnB, Rock, Pop, Opera, Jazz, and more! From John Mayer to Jill Scott and everything in between! We’ll capture a storytelling glimpse of the faith that holds me together; the inspiration, the pain, and the passionate vulnerability of being young and in and out of love.

Music | 60m | Mature Audiences Only

Bill Santiago

The Immaculate Big Bang  (god - science - laughs) Sparked by the death of his father and birth of his daughter, Comedian Bill Santiago goes in search of answers and laughs at the border of science and religion, exploring the comic nature of the cosmic quest for understanding existence, life, and death (not necessarily in that order).

Comedy, Theatre | 60m | Parental Guidance


The Outburst

1715 Wyandotte
Kansas City, MO 64108