By Bob Evans
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When one sees Tennessee Williams’ name on a project, continue to expect over-the-top Southern female lead characters, but do not expect cookie-cutter story lines that rip your heart out; so, be forewarned, “The Gnadiges Fraulein” strays from the Williams norm to an over-the-top exaggeration of Southern decadence.

A relative new production company in KC, Thud Production took the predominately unknown William one-act play, The Gnadiges Fraulein” for their first entry into the KC Fringe Festival and shocked Tennessee Williams fans with an outlandish story of life along the beachfront of a Florida Keys “dormitory.” In this case, similar to Daphne DuMaurier’s story that became an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, The Birds, Williams creates a story about an internationally known performer whose career tanked and she now competes with birds for fish rejects from fishing boats.

The Gnadiges Fraulein” is a story of survival of the fittest as a woman of social stature now survives and pays her rent by catching fish rejects from fishing boats on their return from a catch. The fish not big enough to sell are tossed overboard to awaiting Cocaloony birds. The THUD production of “The Gnadiges Fraulein” continues at the Musical Theater Heritage Stage 2 in Crown Center for several more performances.

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  1. Ron on July 24, 2018 at 11:46 pm

    Lynn McCutchen is a special talent. WOW!!! Who will find her to Broadway??

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