By Natalie Leslie

Casha Mills, a compelling poet, talented singer, and exquisite performer, conquered The Writers Place with truth on the tip of her tongue.

Mills comically and genuinely takes the audience on her journey of healing. Through the tears and the laughs, this woman has a neat way with words, singing snippets of songs in between spoken word, while sharing captivating stories of what pushed her to write them.

The energy Mills created for her show and audience was honest and pure. She covered a range of themes such as gratitude, healing, and love. Not only was the artistic dialogue enjoyable, but she appeared authentic and vulnerable.

Casha Mills articulates her experiences and what is in her heart in in poems on a variety of topics, such as white privilege, respect, and different types of relationships.

Her poems, such as Counting Slowly and Dual Consciousness, delve straight into the realities of life and human emotion.  She delivered her truth with diligence, creating an authentic and coherent flow.

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