Adam Groden

Lucy Duggan is a young woman at a crossroads. Should she stay with the band she leads or continue her studies in psychology? To complicate matters, Lucy has learned that she has multiple sclerosis and her parents’ marriage has come to a nasty end. During one eventful day, Lucy has to deal with friends, family, and romantic entanglements – and a band contest – pulling her in conflicting directions. The music is jazzpopbluesrock, a mix of styles that complements the funny/serious nature of the show, presented by a dynamic four-piece band fronted by three singers. Lucy and the Circumstances is a serious musical comedy presented in 1-act 1-hour episodes – a musical serial. This is Chapter 1. Get in on the first chapter of this exciting story!

Theatre, Music | 60m | Parental Guidance

The Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company

Leave your cell phones on! Go to our “Road to Verona” Facebook page and join the characters on stage. Post your comments on how to write love letters, “like” characters’ relationship updates, react to Proteus unfriending Valentine, or post your own “dress up like a man” selfie. These juvenile minstrels may need adult supervision on social media. But they don’t need middle-aged Shakespearean actors pretending to be teenagers in love. Energetic, whimsical “Two Gentlemen of Verona-ish” bardiness.

Theatre, Comedy | 60m | All Ages

Whim Productions

A live reality show where the audience has control! See what happens when strangers are forced to live in an isolated cabin, have their lives filmed, and are made to compete in absurd challenges! When reality show fame and $50,000 are on the line, passion and tempers are bound to flare! Contestants include a former British Baking Show star and a gay survivalist. An interactive play from the company who brought you Bad Auditions and Bard on Booze, Kansas City’s version of Drunk Shakespeare.

Theatre, Comedy | 60m | Mature Audiences Only


Erika Baker

Sometimes reality is too real. Leave your cares at the door, kick reality to the curb, and escape into an unknown world full of fascinating characters, epic landscapes, and good triumphing over evil! PLUS you get a say in how it all unfolds! Each performance is completely made up on the spot by our ensemble of actor/improvisers and inspired by suggestions given by you. Every show is a completely unique adventure, and we literally cannot do it without you.

Theatre, Comedy | 60m | Parental Guidance

Emily Swenson

Meet Andi, a warm-hearted artist in a long-term, polyamorous relationship with two men. This loving thruple lives together, faces the world together, and sometimes argues about whether Beyonce is a true feminist. When Andi wants to invite her girlfriend into the mix, we see even the most open-minded triad can trip over walls of their own making. Can this relationship survive with a fourth? Walls Suck explores the inner-workings of a non-traditional relationship and asks ‘what the hell is normal anyway?’

Theatre | 60m | Parental Guidance

Whim Productions

A paranoid internet sleuth and her best friend prepare a cabin for a weekend getaway. Before the arrival of the best friend’s boyfriend, the women discover a mysterious package hidden in the floor. Once they are joined by the boyfriend and another of their friends, answers lead to more questions and suspicion as the women accuse the boyfriend of illicit deeds. All this while the sleuth digs deeper into her investigation of a forgotten cold case using only an internet browser and her mouse!

Theatre, Comedy | 60m | Mature Audiences Only

Unicorn Theater

Unicorn Theatre - Levin Stage

3828 Main St
Kansas City, MO 64111