FreakuptheStreetBilly Blob

When regret is your fondest memory. Andy Garrison stars as William, a middle-aged man who is visited by an eccentric childhood neighbor that arrives via time machine with lessons on how not to be like a possum. Bill Warren, Davis DeRock, and Sallie Downing also appear in this nostalgic and humorous look at childhood, written and directed by Billy Blob, who made the animations for last year's Fringe hit Voyage to Voyager. Produced by Bryan Colley. Warning: Adult Language

Theatre | 60m | Rated PG |

HouseoftheDevilCrumbleCake Productions

Seven people walk into a news station and no one gets out. An absurd comedy that touches on the systems we crave and the ways they betray us. The House of the Devil is a Hot Mess is an entirely Kansas City production. Featuring a full score by Caleb Madison. Written by Charlie Weitkamp. Designed by Kylor Greene, Thomas Creach. Featuring Willow Parsons, Bethany Elliot, Brittany Sawtelle, Ellyn Calvert, Jack Bohnenstiehl, Michael Doyle, Wil Weiss, Matt Applebury. Warning: Adult Language

Theatre | 60m | Rated R

Relevance Productions

The Islander: A place where regulars come to drown their sorrows, forget their worries, and ignore the outside world. It seems like a typical quiet night at The Islander, until insurance salesman and bar regular Ed strikes up a conversation with a young woman awaiting a blind date. And as often is the case with drunken conversation, too many drinks are had, and conversation gets... profound. The Islander asks the familiar, yet tough questions: How do we fix our mistakes? Can we? And should we? Warning: Adult Language

Theatre | 60m | Rated R

klusterf$_kBobby Ray Entertainment

Klusterf$*k: a machine that may or may not work. Has a gazillion parts to do a simple job; some don't do anything but try to look pretty. Breaks down more often than not. Makes loud or weird movements or noises, burns up, slows down then stops in the middle of something, or generally falls apart before completing it's mission. Bobby Ray Entertainment presents Klusterf$*k. Raw, loud, explosive, funky, sexy, groovy movements. A dance variety show. The message: Live life, have fun, dance! Warning: Adult Language

Dance | 60m | Rated PG

Luciano for Me Cartoon Final!Mindy Moritz and Steven Eubank

While on their class trip to Rome, a group of 8 girls fall head over expensive heels for their charming Italian tour guide: Luciano! While trying to make sure their nerdy chaperone teacher, Ava, doesn't get in the way of having fun on the trip, each girl will discover love, loss, and value in this new musical comedy that is fun for every age! This cute show is available to license and is ideal for any group looking for a short musical to feature women! Check out this original new musical!

Theatre | 60m | Rated G

StoryoftheCenturyDavid O. Hill

The Story of the Century is an original musical about the invention of the Ezekiel Airship, an airplane designed and built by Burrell Cannon that flew one year before the Wright Brothers' historic flight. Set in Pittsburg, Texas in 1902, the musical captures the spirit of the era with rollicking melodies, social consciousness, and heart. Was Cannon a revolutionary inventor, a visionary prophet, or a misguided dreamer? This is the question that newspaper reporter Elmer Baker hopes to answer in writing the Story of the Century. Warning: Smoke, Haze or Fog

Theatre | 60m | Rated G |

Unicorn Theater

3828 Main St
Kansas City, MO 64111