Visual Arts 2021

Meet our 2021 Visual Artists

Alana Gwinner

This year’s selection is titled “flower series”. I got the inspiration from my backyard with the beautiful blooms from last summer and now. Colors are vibrant and soft, and adds a bit of a sunshine feeling.

Alex Krahenbuhl

My work is inspired by movements and move-sets in martial arts and in video games in calligraphy form. Experiment using panels of glass and brushstrokes to create layers upon one another to achieve a complete composition.

Alexej Savreux

Mic Czech & thankful 2021
This year's theme showcases my blend of high art and low art created on my walls during covid and quarantine. Different pieces and graffiti elements capture all phases of that journey and time for me. The final piece created is one of my first love and is one of my favorite works to date. I hope you find something in it to enjoy and I love you all dearly.

Barbara Krueger

My close up giclee prints are of original floral or landscape colored pencil and pastel drawings or acrylic paintings that are inspired by organic shapes found in nature. I use many layers of colored pencil, pastel and ink or acrylic paint for a richness of texture and color. Ideas come from inspirations from my travels, walks in nature, photographs I've taken or from my imagination.

Clara Hampton

My works are about the internal struggles of oneself and the unknown suffering of others. Each piece displays a form of internal or external suffering. The purpose of the work is to give people the insight that suffering comes in many different forms and may not always be seen.

Barbara Schilling

I am an architect by education and license in the Kansas. My love of architecture, the straight lines and plans, is in direct contrast to my style of jewelry design with little planning, causal and almost rustic style. I make handmade jewelry, exploring many materials including resin, etching and enameling. I am an architect by education, so I like to take materials and use them in ways different from their intended use.

Lisa Coyan

I design wire woven, wire wrapped pieces of wearable art. Many times, the piece will have a touch of whimsy. I have won multiple awards for my designs and really enjoy creating the pieces. I have a wide range of earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, ear cuffs, and rings. If you want custom work, I love to do that as well. 10% is donated to breast cancer. Please contact to meet and view any pieces you are interested in.

EA Wachter

Kansas City born and raised artist EA Wachter first picked up a paintbrush on a whim in the spring of 2019. Since then, it's taken over a huge part of her life. Working primarily in oils, she draws much of her inspiration from nature-- calling her style "suggestive realism,"
with a unique blend of color, emotion, and--occasionally-- impasto passion.

Halfmoonstudioz - Devin Edwards

I create art based on cartoon characters that have influenced me. By doing this I want to show how it feels to want to be your hero, how whatever color the cartoon character is depicted in your mind it changes to fit you. So that you can freely imagine that world without the limitations of your reality. (Perspective)

James Pettijohn

In 2018 and again in 19 my wife and I drove to the Rockies in Western Colorado to take in the Fall foliage, it exceeded my expectations, the valleys were covered in the golden cotton woods and the upper elevations in the yellow Aspen. I came home with hundreds of photos which I have turned into dozens of paintings up till now, here are a sampling of my works

Katheryn Krouse

Inspired to capture local Kansas City scenes as well as vacation destinations. Using thick impasto texture and rich colors, including metallic paints to give each composition movement and depth.

Kent Van Dusseldorp

My art celebrates the beauty of the human body. I do this thru photography and drawings.

KevinAnne Taylor

Self taught artist, who enjoys painting colorful art or black and white images, using acrylics. Very therapeutic and enlightening. Learning as I go, painting what comes to mind!

Leslie Norman Hubble

My art for Fringe 2021 reflects my passage thus far through the COVID-19 pandemic. This journey features universal commonalities: the effects of isolation, social distance, “locking down,” grief, fear, and hope. I have also been inspired by the ambiguities and possible implications of mask wearing, as well as the comfort of backing down into aspects of life that have not changed. Some of this is obvious in the art I chose, especially with the mask pieces. In the abstract landscapes and other pieces, I attempt to reflect the raw aesthetic present in nature, imagination, the spiritual and existential, which remains constant in healthier times as well as in the chaos and tragedy of a great pandemic.

Lorrie Eigles

I create spontaneous, intuitive two dimensional drawings using colored pencils and ink on paper. My abstract flowing style is completely freehand. The imagery is dynamic, crisp, clean and bursting with color. Many things inspire me: Asian and Native American sources, nature (water, trees, mountains, birds, flowers), printed images, my imagination and feelings, other artists’ work, music and stories. Regarding my art, I have two deeply held beliefs: creative expression is essential in all of our lives, and art is uplifting, thought-provoking, joyful and healing.