By Natalie Leslie

Visual Arts Exhibition, Union Station

On Sunday, July 15th, Union Station was packed with children, families, tourists, and artists as the 14th KC Fringe Festival opened its Visual Arts exhibition in Grand Hall. More than 20 artists are exhibiting works in a variety of media including, sculpture, painting, photography, mixed media, metal arts and jewelry, and immersive art. Some first impressions:

Camry Ivory expresses her passion for music and painting through colorful glass designs.  The images are a result of the musical vibrations through different colored MIDI controlled paintbrushes. This mishmash of creativity was appealing because of the ability for one to listen to how that piece of art is formed.

The Alzheimer’s Association of America showcased a collection of water color paintings promoting the importance of artistic expression in all phases of life.

Arthur Greene’s “Icarus” is a novel and perhaps ironic interpretation of myth in clay.  Many of his sculptures emulate figures in intense emotional moments. Greene’s style is classic and meticulous, yet at the same time, simply poetic.

Leslie Norman Hubble’s series challenges the viewers' ideas of disturbing and what is comfortable. In some of her works, Hubble plays with medical artifacts such as MRIs, x-rays, and sonograms which she manipulates digitally into observations about the human body and perceptions of society.

Miricle Mayo uses loud textures and lively colors in a satisfying compilation of portraits. The contrast between ink, oil, and acrylic paint is clean and as a whole, each piece gives off a strong feeling of balance and togetherness.  

In Roger Cissner’s glossy aluminum travel destinations, sleek, crisp landscapes register a sense of calmness while highlighting the thrill of adventure.

Local art displays ranged from Spenser Albertsen’s intimate oil painting reflections to Details Jewelrys' rainbow sprinkle necklaces. Engulfing in the energy of Mugur Gean’s powerful photographs, then easing with a soft elegance lingering in Karrie Marie Baxley’s floral canvases.

These and a dozen more visual artists with intriguing works, including returning artists Katheryn Krause, Craig Mildrexler, Sara Slaughter and Vania Soto, will be showcased in Union Station Grand Hall through July 28th. Visitors to the exhibition may vote for their favorite artist who will receive this year's Fringe Prize at the end of the Festival.

On Saturday, July 21st, at 3:00pm in the Union Station Grand Hall some of these artists have entered the “Iron Artist” competition. Competing artists create a work of art within one hour from a “mystery ingredient” and materials supplied by the Festival, an upbeat and fascinating peek into the process of art-making.

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