Visual Arts

The Fringe Festival is once again proud to bring you the Fringiest visual arts that Kansas City has to offer. From painting, to photography, to jewelry and more, there will be something for everyone at this eclectic display.

Visual Arts Gallery Set-Up
Visual Arts Main Gallery
Iron Artist First Place Piece by Katheryn Krouse
Fringe Boutique

Visual Arts Galleries

Grand Hall Gallery
Union Station Grand Hall
30 W Pershing Rd
Kansas City, MO 64108

Opens Sunday July 17th


Aquarius/Vulcan's Forge Gallery
3936 Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111

Gallery Hours:
Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday 11am-6pm

Opens Thursday July 21


The Fringe is excited to bring back the FringePrize Invitational for its third year!

Many artists enter, but only one can emerge victorious. Your votes decide who has created the next Mona Lisa or who will be the next Andy Warhol! Voting will begin July 16th and run through the 30th. The public is invited to come vote for their favorite or favorites among the entries. Voting is free and the artist with the most votes wins our fabulous FringePrize, worth over $500! What defines “art” to you? What intrigues you about it? It promises to be a competition full of surprises, and we hope to hear your vote there!

Carl D'Amico
Cave Folk Creations
Craig Mildrexler
SB Gate
Jim Catron
Katheryn Krouse
Kevin Deen
Marci Blank
Robyn Clevenger
Roger Cissner
Sheron Smith
Spenser Albertsen
Tyler Marble

Iron Artist

July 24, 2016 at 5pm

Come see the Fringiest artistic competition that Kansas City has to offer! Several contestants, one hour, a mystery box of art supplies. What will they create? Who decides the winner? You do of course! Whoever has the most votes at the end of an hour wins our fabulous prize and prestige as the 2016 Iron Artist!

2015 Iron Artist Pieces

Visual Artists

Amy Keenan Drinon

Amy Keenan Drinon

Nocturnes depicting Kansas City at night and at sundown. Oil on canvas.

Vania Soto

Artista Vania Soto

This series of paintings are of my culture. Even in modern times we are always reminded where we come from when we run into our dishes, our artists and our music. It's a feeling of belonging even if your whole family has left the country or you're 3rd generation and maybe you've lost the language. Your culture will always be with you. Kansas City local artist Vania Soto was born in Juarez, Mexico and began selling paintings at age 13. Inspired by proud cultural icons such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, she connects with her by heritage by maintaining influential traditions from this rich past. Building on this theme, Day of the Dead symbolism is prevalent in her work, again as a way of connecting to the longstanding customs of her family and community and expressing its beauty through art. Her main media is acrylics and she also works in mixed media. She describes her work as “realism with a pop of surrealism."

Carl D'Amico

Carl D'Amico

This is a collection of hand drawn scenic pictures using pen and ink, liquid acrylic and watercolor pens on a smooth Bristle paper. I have drawn them in such a way as to express how I feel about the vast complexity of individual colors that make up a scenic view as a whole. I have learned how to blend together through the use of a dip pen, different types of watercolor, liquid acrylics and water base India inks to allow them to softly overlap one another in order to create a fine mixture of complimentary tones. The pictures themselves are both gently whimsical at a distance and yet very complex in detail up close. I accomplish this by using the fine lines of a pen stroke that has been either dipped in India ink or the liquid acrylic and then I apply a complimentary watercolor to fill in the space between and I do this in order to create what I see in nature which an extremely complex mixture of space, color and line to form the subtle beauty of life.

Cave Folk Creations Photo

Cave Folk Creations (Doug Kiburz and Bob Schwickrath)

Just a couple of guys from Sedalia, hanging out in the basement man cave! Bob Schwickrath is a retired xray technician who spent some years carving wood and woodworking and brings those skills along with soldering to the table. Doug Kiburz, M.D. is an Orthopaedic surgeon and part time cowboy poet who uses surgical instruments for the wire twisting and lapidary saw work as they combine their efforts to create sculptures out of wood, stone and copper.

Craig Mildrexler Photo

Craig Mildrexler

I paint with neon acrylics on Masonite board. I focus on abstracts, stylized flowers and cats. I like neon paint for it's vivid colors and exciting look under a black light. My work shows great in regular and/or black lighting.

Details Jewelry Photo

Details Jewelry (Lisa Coyan and Barbara Schilling)

We use sterling silver and gold­filled wire to wrap semi­precious gemstones in a way to celebrate the character of the stone. We also use metal etching technique and patinas for beautiful necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Wire weaving techniques are used to create intricate pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Professional grade beading wire is used for all beaded necklaces and bracelets. Lead­free wire combines with novelty beads to create wall hangings with names, favorite team, etc. We also have ear cuffs, zipper pulls, and wire rings which can be made custom while you wait. We love creating this wearable art and donate 10% of all sales to support the KC Fringe Festival.

Glenn Lewis Photo

Glenn Lewis

In "Anatomigraph," I am using the complexities and intricacies of the human body to represent and mimic the complexities and intricacies of our lives. By utilizing the anatomical form as a basis for my graphical representation, I am able to explore the sophistication, the delicate interconnectedness and the physical shapes & systems that make up our biological vessels. Hopefully a person viewing this piece will have a better appreciation of how the world around us affects our physiological self and understand that the classic “mind­body” problem is not a problem at all.

Jesse Schaaf

Jesse Schaaf

March 3rd, 2015 it was announced that Sweet Briar College would be closing the following August. Alumni, students, faculty, staff, and the community had other ideas, and after four months of fundraising, rallying, and legal action, this devastating decision was overturned. The "I am Sweet Briar" exhibit gives you a look at this amazing College through the eyes of a former student.

Jim Catron Photo

James Dale

James Dale is a welded sheetmetal artist and small business owner currently based in Springfield, Missouri. After attending Southwest Missouri State University for graphic design, he launched Full Armor Customs in 2000. Specializing in automotive customization ranging from wild airbrush graphics to full restoration on a wide range of vehicle types. This included many unique modifications that he is credited for creating. During this time he became proficient at shaping metal and all types of welding. In 2015 James launched James Dale Designs , in order to get back to his love of art and sculpture. James works primarily with 18 gauge cold rolled sheet metal which he hammer forms into complex sculptures. Shaping and welding as he goes his visions are realized in an amazing display of form and emotion.

Being somewhat of a purest James tries to only use handmade elements whenever possible to stay true to his craft. Always evolving as an artist he integrates other materials like copper, brass, and wood to lend an even more complex element to his designs.

Jim Mathis Photo

Jim Mathis

Enhanced photography of music related themes. I modify photographs in various ways to produce dramatic images of musicians, musical instruments, and other music or culture related activities.

Katheryn Krouse Photo copy

Katheryn Krouse

Kansas City­centric layers of expression, collage and skillful painting with impasto texture and special eye for rendering light ­ Stargardts Disease affects my retinas process of light. My work reflects how I see the world.

Kevin Deen Photo

Kevin Deen

My paintings are about the beauty of fully saturated colors, their reaction to each other and the profound effect viewing them has on us all.  I strive to create colors that vibrate against each other while making subtle changes in hue that seem to cause flat space to bend.

I work to give each painting a sort of “proud-chested” feeling. This is accomplished, in part, by sometimes not allowing the subject to completely fit on the canvas and by altering the viewpoint and perspective, creating a feeling of iconic architecture.

It’s the architecture of buildings redefined by the use of vivid color that define my collection of Pop Constructivist-style paintings called Architectural Portraits.

Marci Blank

Marci Blank

"Year in Review"

Hand dyed in colors to represent the four seasons, this cashmere blend scarf is embellished with beads and charms to highlight nature's yearly events. Enjoy your year!

Mugur Geana Photo

Mugur Geana

Mugur Geana has been taking photos almost as long as he has been writing poetry. The current exhibition represents an exploration of his photography roots; the urban scenes, although contemporary, are a memento of his formative years as a photographer on the streets of Bucharest. The poems complement and bridge the images, inviting contemplation and reflection on the immutable journey of time and on the contrasts of today’s metropolis.

People to People International Photo

People to People International

People to People International (PTPI), an organization dedicated to understanding and friendship among people of different countries, believes art is a universal language. Each year, we invite students worldwide (ages 4­-18) to create Global Youth Murals, artwork that illustrates their cultures and communities and/or their ideas about global issues and peace.

Robyn Clevenger Photo

Robyn Clevenger

I started my art in church when I was a little kid. I had crayons in a cigar box (remember those ?). I made so much noise I was kicked out. As an artist, I wanted something that was truly my own, I think I have found it. I use papers from other countries. I love handmade papers, too; some I have made myself. I tear them.up and reassemble the materials to look like a painting. I also incorporate leaves, grasses , rocks, flowers and other "organics." I then use sealers so the works last for years and years.

Roger Cissner Photo

Roger Cissner

Many of us find we are in a constant race to quickly get somewhere else, oftentimes to the detriment of seeing/enjoying where we are. I enjoy travel and truly love trying to capture the essence of those travels through my photography. I strive to capture natural images that offer a feeling of tranquility and serenity.

I began my photographic journey several years ago when I purchased an old film camera and started working to improve my photographic skills. Recently, I converted to digital photography through necessity and continue to work on improving my skills. The emphasis of my photography is to present photography as a fine art and to provide a view of the wonderful views that surround us – both large and small. It turns out that I am a photographer of opportunity, in that while I focus on landscapes, I will capture whatever image intrigues/interests me. Finally, I strive to capture my images intact within the camera, requiring little or no additional work.

Sandy Woodson Photo

Sandy Woodson

Boy of Summer. This is what happens when you find a beautiful, adventurous man with an underwater camera he's willing to share and an empty pool.

Sara Engman-Slaughter Photo

Sara Engman-Slaughter

I find myself continually fascinated by the simple complexity that humans create in cityscapes. My latest work focuses on night scenes done in oils. The city at night can dazzle the eye and the senses, which is what I hope to provoke with my art. Each little light in the city represents a person, or a family, or a group that all blends together and is spectacular when viewed as a whole.

Sheron Smith Photo

Sheron Smith

Sheron Smith has a MS in education, however, her artistic talents have always greatly influenced her endeavors. She currently has two successful bodies of work. Her historic KC Icons Collection is featured in the Fringe Festival. It has been featured in several venues, shows, and events throughout the Kansas City area.

Spenser Albertsen Photo

Spenser Albertsen

Displayed are works both portrait and self portrait. The inner reflection and the outward perception.

Tyler Marble Photo

Tyler Marble

I found my love for art in high school and ever since I have been working towards creating a masterpiece of inspiration. This series is a stop along that journey. About a year or so ago I found spray paint and started to create these pieces of work. Inspired by many different things. Space, Architecture, Street Art, and line work.

Ziggy Livnat Photo

Ziggy Livnat

This body of work is a study of infants’ and toddlers’ behavior underwater.

The artist reveals through the images the individual character, comfort level and acquired fears of the little ones, as they go back to visit a fluid environment.

Ziggy Livnat earned his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York and for more than two decades has worked as a professional artist, educator and presenter using underwater cinematography and photos. His clients include NOAA, the American Museum of Natural History, CBS Sunday Morning and National Geographic.

All photographed on 35mm film and printed by the artist in the darkroom.