Our choices build the foundations of our lives. Three women, three choices- each one building her life. Beginnings follows the progression of reproductive rights since Roe v Wade, and examines the impact of the right to choose on the lives of three women and their families.

Theatre, Spoken Word | 60m | Mature Audiences Only

Jaybird Laughs

Travel through the wonderland of being a boomer, laughing all the way. This humorous rendition of Boomer Momma "Mommyisms" explores finding a mate, training a mate, using technology, launching (and relaunching) those darn boomerang kids, and those prized boomer grandchildren. It will keep you smiling and has appeal whether you are from the postwar generation, a boomer yourself, or a gen-x or millennial kiddo! Great PG opportunity for multiple generation members to see a show with appeal for the whole family.

Comedy, Spoken Word | 90m | Parental Guidance

Michael Schaeffer

Come see the artist MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL magazine calls "inexplicable, but totally hilarious." National Poetry Slam performer and pop-culture maven Michael Shaeffer flies in from Alaska to perform a funkadelic and deliriously fun tribute to Prince's music, movies, covers, and lovers--seventeen syllables at a time! What's your favorite Prince song? What's your favorite deep cut? Odds are good these tunes will be captured in a stylish 5/7/5 sass-bucket that'll make you say "Hundalasiliah!"

Spoken Word | 60m | Parental Guidance

WMC Productions

Here lies Joyland. This once iconic theme park now rots -abandoned- in Wichita, Kansas. It is here, four teens break inside the rusted gates in a quest to uncover Joyland's dark history. Yet, innocent adventure turns swiftly to emanate danger, and the secrets of the past become mysteries no more. This world premiere play explores the battles we wage in our own backyard. Joyland asks, what haunts most; a toxic environment or the ghosts who reside within it?

Theatre | 60m | Parental Guidance

Br. John

From longtime favorite KC Fringe Fest producer-Br. John, comes the latest installment in his 'Historical Music Showcase Theater' series. A talk show host sits down with Jazz legend-Cab Calloway (both portrayed by Br. John) for a probing interview into the secrets of what made him who he was. We'll explore how Calloway became the world-famous showman and star of stage and screen. We'll discuss Calloway’s tour with an all-black band into the segregated-Jim Crow South. This show explores provocative themes ranging from Cab's music philosophy, band feuds, to women, relationships, and family life. Featuring live, enthusiastic, renditions of Cab-and his hot band's-hit, jump-jiving tunes.

Music | 60m | Parental Guidance

Apostrophe S

Taylor Kay Phillips has many talents and virtually no skills. Born and raised in KC, she knew all the US presidents in order before she learned how to change a light bulb. And after 4 years at Harvard, her most impressive credential is her ability to cry on command.

Now a comedian/tutor/writer/former advertiser/not-quite-a-disappointment-to-her-parents-but-certainly-getting-there in New York City, Taylor has done what many other unmarketably talented people before her have done- written a show about it.

Join TKP and her joyfully useless abilities for a night of storytelling and comedy that prove that while a Liberal Arts education is certainly a waste of money, it is not a waste of time.

Comedy | 60m | No Rating

Laura Packer

What happens when you combine magical realism, the wonder and menace of fairy tales, a good dash of wild women, the wisdom of Sesame Street and modern street smarts? You get The Adventures of Crazy Jane and Red Haired Annie. Set in a place that's neither here nor there, a time that's both now and once upon, these curious tales will make you laugh, gasp and reconsider how you see the world.

Join Crazy Jane and Red Haired Annie as they meet the Faerie Queen; find out what happens when you lose the thing that makes you most you; encounter serpents, angels and the devil himself. These stories can be heard as straight-up adventure tales or as the deeper, more meaningful narratives that all good fairy tales are.

Inspired by authors such as Charles DeLint, Neil Gaiman, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, informed by the strangest folktales and myths, and presented with humor, elegance and a sly wink, The Adventures of Crazy Jane and Red Haired Annie are sure to entertain and inspire.

Storyteller Laura Packer has been telling tales since she began talking. Her original stories for grown-ups and families are based in myth and personal experience. She’s appeared at events around the world, has taught in boardrooms and nursery schools, was the 2012 co-recipient of the Brother Blue and Ruth Hill Award, the 2009 Oracle Award for Regional Leadership, the 2016 Best Of Venue at the KC Fringe, and has hosted multiple storytelling venues.

Spoken Word, Theatre | 60m | Parental Guidance

West Port Coffee House

Westport Coffee House

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