By Drea DiCarlo

Lucius Robinson’s first solo show is not to be missed. Robinson plays concerned citizen Mitchell Barnes who we first meet clomping on stage with a huge cabinet-like contraption strapped to his back. He is the host of an urgently called—and apparently unorthodox—Neighborhood Association meeting. Mitchell is an awkward middle-aged loner complete with the wire rim glasses, middle parted hair, exercise pants, and wild eyes.

He reveals a fourteen-year quest of discovering, researching, documenting and observing the boy who lives next door—a boy that Mitchell is convinced is not of this world. His research spans 18th century supernatural lore to “The Exorcistwhich he often cites from overlarge books, and has helped him build his case along with empirical evidence from his observations. He presents his findings to his suburban neighbors gradually. It is with a growing sense of anticipation that Mitchell’s intentions become clear and he turns from harmless eccentric to dangerous conspiracy theorist—all the while seeing himself as the hero.

Robinson is a superb physical performer and he has a talent for transforming the space around him with his body and voice. His verbal and physical tics as Mitchell are spot on too—he’s at once nervous and polite, dramatic and excitable (and more than a little creepy). The show is funny, dark, and wholly enjoyable. Fans of the X-File and Stranger Things will find themselves right at home, and every audience member will be on the edge of their seats wondering, What will he say next?

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  1. Shawn Murphy on July 25, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    The best Theatre experience I’ve ever been a part of to date. Lucius is something of a conjurer, creating a world that feels so real the entire audience feels like they are living in it. His vocal prowess, physicality, and total commitment to the story is truly an experience you will never forget. Hilarious story that feels genuine and is extremely creative. 5 star!

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