The Table


The Table

    Absolutely fantastic. One of my top favorite shows. This show is the reason I Fringed this year, and got me to check out more elsewhere. We had more than one conversation about it in the next few days. Curtis, you’re a great playwriter, keep it up. I want to see more!

  • Very dark. Very funny. Very original. This was almost my favorite play of the Fringe Festival this year, though it was narrowly edged out by “Wicked Creatures” which is also at the Living Room. Still, Curtis Smith writes a very Twilight Zoney-script that leaves you on the edge of the seat wondering where the story is going to go next. There is plenty of dark humor and even an existential exploration of American culture. The performances by Smith and Ben Auxier (as a mysterious killer figure) are very gripping and pitch perfect. Admittedly, the hollow tone might not be suitable to all palettes, but for me, it was refreshing to watch a fearless story that was not afraid to challenge the audience and their sensibilities.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed this play. The writing and acting were fabulous. It kept me interested, engaged, and without a clue what was coming next. Out of the 10 shows we’ve seen this is #2 on my list!

  • it isn’t that the play was bad. it had some good parts and was even funny at times, it is just that I found it to be very mean spirited and degrading to women.

  • Excellent acting and writing. I will be thinking about this play for a long time to come.


    An existential look into the working society of America. Fantastically written and executed! Be prepared to question everything in this dark, well-written play. Don’t miss it!

  • This has to be the best play I have so far seen at the Fringe this year. The actors were all very good in their parts, and the guy who played the lead was topnotch. The only actor I thought didn’t work well was the guy who played the bad guy. He was a good actor, don’t get me wrong, I just felt they should have picked somebody older and more evil. I wanted to see less of the parts with the villain and more of the flashbacks. I was hoping to see the obese prostitute make a cameo. Overall, I highly recommend you see this one. If you’re to see one Fringe show this year, I say see this one!

  • Dark, enthralling. Well acted and directed.

  • Great play Curtis!