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Ed and His Dead Mother (93 min.) PG-13: A boy's supposed to love his mother, isn't he? Wouldn't that include taking up the irresistible salesman's offer to restore life to your dead parent? But at what price? Independent film darling Steve Buscemi (Trees Lounge, Ghost World) is Ed; John Glover, Ned Beatty, and Miriam Margolyes also star in this darkly comic tale which picks up where Psycho left off. Alexandra's Project (98 min.) MA: If you've ever been a woman, or a man, Alexandra's Project hits home. The Battle of the Sexes becomes a tussle between one wife and one husband in this Australian film that is sure to keep you guessing--and talking. The riveting story and performances by the unknown cast (at least to U.S. audiences) grip you by the short hairs, and just won’t let go. Whose side are you on? Not recommended forages under 17.

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