And Jesus Wept – Review by Natalie Leslie

Coming out strong, Jeremiah Kauffman’s “And Jesus Wept” presents the tough journey of Daniel clarifying his sexuality to his dad. His father, a Baptist preacher makes it clear that he will not have anything to do with his son because of his sexual preferences.

A too-common life experience for young adults hits the stage of the Black Box Theatre. The scene is settled in a dimly lit park after Daniel, played by Joshua Barner, is knocked with a hard rejection from his religious father. A stranger, Matthew Kelso, approaches the distraught young man and lends an ear to push him to explore his past experiences.

Daniel desperately unveils his own theological beliefs to the stranger, becoming indecisive when trapped in his mind with only a decision. The conversation raises awareness of prevalent problems for 2019 youth. Joshua’s performance was consistently exceptional as he snatches his headphones out of his ears to continue the conversation. As the two men talk it out they realize more about each other and themselves than before.

The common theme of this insightful one act and might challenge your idea of love and acceptance.