Beneath the Bikini – Review by Natalie Leslie

Katie Thayer stuns the stage in a black and white polka dot bikini and high wasted red bottoms. She spews out confidence considered contagious, What’s underneath is something to highlight in this show and not to be overlooked.

Thayer features her body, perspective, and life experience in a refreshingly interactive cabaret-comedy series of scenes. This knockout one-woman show stresses body positivity while disclosing personal life understandings in a quirky, realistic way.

As she whisks the audience down memory lane filled with ex-lovers and body image obstacles she performs powerful parody songs like “All I Do is Eat” and “Everybody’s Girl”. As she scribbles across her skin to show the crowd the range of labels that she or others have defined her as, you can’t help but fall in love with the way she carries herself and addresses the audience.

She truly pushed the audience members to reevaluate their outlook on nudity, body image, and the ability to fit in vs. stand out. An example for all, “Loving my body enough for this show to happen”. I would strongly recommend attending this stellar twist on cabaret now showing at the Westport Coffeehouse.