Caddy Shakes – Review by Natalie Leslie

Caddy Shakes hit the stage of the Buffalo Room for the 2019 Kansas City Fringe Festival, to great acclaim. A Shakespearean mash-up of the American comedy film Caddyshack, the three person, one act play included appearances by Lavinia Bottom, Dardanius, Asst. Greenskeeper, Carliolanus, Gophers, Kenny Loggins, and a Baby Ruth.

Shimmying through parodies of famous Shakespearean couplets, the cast transitions from character to caddy to audience member. The iconic candy bar scene is complimented by modern and local references from the enthusiastic bunch.

Some of the funniest parts were the acknowledgements from the cast to the audience. This is jam packed into one hour and pushes me to wonder if it was “to be or not to be”. Either way, the three actors made it work in a funny, unpredictable routine.

The three-person immersive-ish show from Arkansas combines Caddyshack and Shakespeare to create an upbeat, whacky, Improv-y performance. If you are a Shakespeare fan this is definitely a show to check out before it’s too late.