Dreams Do Come True – Review by Luke Dodge

“Dreams Do Come True” is a comedy/stand-up routine by Kent Rader, an accountant turned comedian telling his story of how he left behind the world of numbers for one of laughter. We follow him from childhood to the present on his path to the very stage he stands.

There are two stages to both the show and Kent’s journey. On the right is a full-sized desk representing the world of accounting and to the left is the traditional stool and microphone of the comedian. The clever act of sitting down for the accountant portion of his life and then standing up for the stand-up portion was not lost on this reviewer. The transition from desk to microphone delineates his own transition in life, punctuating the pivotal moment.

His set felt like a conversation and Kent made a point to connect with each person in the audience individually. After less than an hour you’ll feel like you know him. Even though the jokes were polished and the timing fine-tuned from practice, Kent Rader still had tears in his eyes during the emotional moments when speaking of his family.

It’s easy to punch down in comedy and be negative, especially when it comes to stand-up, but from his stance of not swearing during his set to the shout-outs for other Fringe shows at the end, Kent Rader punches up. Humble and thoughtful, this show leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside and a sore, smiling face.