Emily the Musical – Review by Natalie Leslie

‘Emily the Musical’ is an elegant take on the Famous Poet Emily Dickenson’s early life wherein she is constantly face to face with death. The stage, littered with sparkling bowls and little flowers, along with worn out books and big glass lamps, delicately complemented the unveiling story line.

Emily Dickenson, played by Isabella Pichardo, graces the audience with her voice on the stage of Center for Spiritual Living. The 19-year-old actress explores the trials and tribulations of grief through her famous creative outlet, writing.

Another outstanding vocalist in the show was Brayden Dannecker who played Charles Wadsworth, Dickenson’s love interest. With little twinkles of humor and enchantment throughout a plot relying on death, the motif weighs heavy on the audience’s hearts.

The entire cast skips from milestones to gravestones of Emily’s life with short duets and snippets of sentimental songs. Learning more about Emily Dickenson and what may have pushed her to isolate herself is an eye-opener. The modern references and jabs of humor in between the scenes are very enjoyable.

Rejection, loss, and detachment are difficult to cope with and the cast and crew of ‘Emily the Musical’ do a lovely job of adding a new understanding to a young woman’s personal journey to death.