Enlarged to Show Texture – Review by Kelly Luck

There is not much this reviewer can say about this play, as to go into even basic detail would be to spoil the thing. Suffice to say it is a meditation upon friendship, conflict of differences, the ways we cope with how the world messes with our minds, and the means by which we heal.

Fringe veterans will know that it’s always worth finding out what Tara Varney and Bryan Colley are up to. Over the years, it’s never been quite possible to guess what they would come up with next, but it is always something interesting. Once again we get the blend of humor and tragedy, the frivolous drilling down to the deeply personal. There’s even a little music history thrown in for good measure.

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes you have to get out there and wing it. And sometimes you need to stop and ask yourself what is really important. A most affecting show, and definitely worth the Fringer’s attention.


  1. Laura on July 26, 2019 at 3:41 am

    Was Megan really not going to show up for the performance tonight?! Or was that part of the show?! Tonight’s show (7/25) was abysmal-left atfter 30 minutes, and should have left sooner. This show was pointless and poorly executed. Don’t waste your$10.

    • Tara Varney on July 29, 2019 at 6:33 pm

      I believe the questions you ask here would have been answered, had you stayed for the second half of the show, where the “point” was revealed. Strangely, it’s sort of a compliment that you had these questions in the part of the play that you did see. I am sorry that you were not compelled to stay. Obviously, that is my fault, as an artist, for not instilling the possibility that the show, as a whole, might have been worth your time and money. I’m truly sorry that you did not enjoy yourself.

  2. Teresa McKinley on July 29, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    Tara, I’d like to offer that in my unflattering criticism, I failed to complement your creativity, energy, wit, charm, and talent. My hope is that the previous comments will serve to help you reflect. I don’t need to tell you that an audience perception is influenced by so many criteria. Your work was highly recommended, so it was a disappointment, but it will not deter me from giving you another shot next year:) Best regards!