Expectation – Review by Isaac Robinson, Fringe Teen Reviewer

“Expectation” is a movement masterpiece.

“Expectation” is a one woman movement performance, choreographed and performed by Sarah Frangenberg. The performance explores questions about expectations: What do people expect from you? What do you expect from individuals? What do you expect from yourself? These questions and many more are explored throughout the performance. Sarah’s technique is paralyzingly emotional. The choreography uses various development tools which beautifully shape the performance into something truly special. The music accompanies the movement which makes the experience feel whole. She incorporates poetry, thoughts, and interviews from herself, her friends, and family into the choreography, and it makes the experience feel more experimental and emotionally powerful. Everything just works together to create this amazing masterpiece.

No words can truly sum up the experience. If I wrote about why everything was so amazing, not only would this review be hours and hours long, it would still not be doing this performance enough justice. The best way for me to do this show justice is to tell you to see it. “Expectation” is showing at Center For Spiritual Living. This is a work of pure genius and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves art. I went into this expecting greatness; I walked out not only with my expectations met but myself completely blown away!