Gleesical – Review by Natalie Leslie

Zach Faust and Madison Dodd truly outdid themselves with this hilarious script pulling from the popular TV series while debuting with an all-star, talented cast. The spotlight featured a range of gifted young singers shuffling across the stage of the Arts Asylum. Will Schuester, performed by Alec Bridges, attempts to enlighten high schoolers by uniting them in song to enter them into the show choir sectionals.

The underdogs of McKinley High School redefined themselves as New Directions Glee Club and are definitely not amateurs. In this whimsical mash-up of music and “mellow-drama” the talent is abundant. Lacy Goettling as Rachel, was a constant, upbeat, and ambitious presence on key and on stage. As her an on-set romance Scott Salem, or Finn, teeters back and forth between school and romance, their classmates find them amusing.

The light use of props helped highlight the beautiful voices and spunky choreography of this production. Each character made their own spin on the Glee version leaving a genuine impression on the viewers. Included in the show is a series of impeccable solos those by including Amari Lewis and Jessica Arnold.

Evan Philips as Sue was particularly funny, with various excerpts from Sue’s corner berating the stage and infiltrating the Glee Club. Paired with her comical monologues and tasteful insults was an equally strong voice. Iconic table talks appeared throughout the entire show duration as the club members are faced with plenty of tiffs.

I was blown away by the cast of this KC local Fringe show. With lots of strong voices in this entertaining hour remake of the musical comedy, this is a sure Fringe-Do-Not-Miss-Show for fans of the TV series.