Help Me Help You Me – Review by Greg Cantrell

My first Annie Kalahurka experience was almost exactly what I expected.  Wonderful. Her sold-out performance of Help Me Help You Me captured me and the audience from its very first moments. Bursting with energy and a wonderful sense of self, she commanded the stage during the entirety of her part musical, part comedy, part drama performance.

Her story, told in five chapters, seamlessly integrated original “song-lets” into her monologues and helped tell her life’s journey toward self-discovery.  Her angst-riddled live-action “memoir” seemed to be as engaging for the audience as it must have been therapeutic for her.

The highlight of the performance for me was her hip-hopping/rapping song in Chapter 5 – Your Best Story. Possessing tremendous energy and confidence, she bounded about the stage and audience, requiring our rapt attention, as she finished telling the story of how she ultimately ended up getting to where we all were this Friday evening.