I Proud Mary – Review by Halle Parris

‘I Proud Mary’, a tribute to Tina Turner’s greatest hits by Suzette Woods, has many commendable aspects. A shimmering blue dress, a soft, pretty voice delivering the lyrics, and a notable song when the lights went red and she sat on a frilly red chair, singing a slow jam. It had the intimacy this reviewer was waiting for. So soft and gentle. If Suzette had simply sat like that, played piano, and sang into a microphone, the night could have been special.

Unfortunately, although pretty, her soft voice was occasionally swallowed by the soundtrack. And Suzette maintained an aloof onstage presence, not connecting with the audience, or building a story about the legendary Tina Turner to go along with the vocal presentation.

As a work in progress, ‘I Proud Mary’ will benefit from additional focus on the overall presentation of the material, and connection to the audience.