kNew – Review by Kelly Luck

One of the true highlights of Fringe is finding the hidden gems: the small-venue performances, far from the big-ticket shows, that combine powerful material and performance in a one-two punch. Such a show is “kNew”, by t. l. sanders.

Sanders, a poet, plays multiple characters in the story of a son dealing with the sudden death of his absentee ex-con father. The work, drawn partially from real life events, takes us from the father’s last moments to the son, himself a father now, determined to be for his son what his own father never was for him. When he finds himself in Kansas City to (somewhat reluctantly) attend his father’s funeral, he discovers family he never knew he had.

Mr. Sanders is a gifted performer, and an excellent writer. His words are written in fire and delivered with thunder. The show is intense, gripping: one finds oneself entirely invested with the characters. The story is well paced, keeping a good clip from beginning to end. It is a highly impressive work, one that deserves to get more attention.