Open Mic Night – Review by Isaac Robinson, Teen Fringe Reviewer

The Teen Fringe Open Mic Night is a great event for teens to get their arts and voices out there.

The night started out with a variety of pizza with gluten-free options and sodas from Dr Pepper to Sprite. After the food, the teens chose two out of three workshops. The first one, improv, lasted about an hour. It taught the basics of improv very well and in a welcoming manner. Then there was storytelling, which also taught the basics of the subject. And then there was upcycling which is the act of taking things like trash and recycling, and using them for a new purpose. The workshops were welcoming and eased everyone into the subjects very well.

After the workshops, the open mic night began. Anyone between 13 and 19 was able to perform any act they wanted. The performances ranged from music to poetry and dance. All performances had lots of talent, effort, and passion put into them. Dancers included performers from KCYA and City In Motion. Musical numbers included a duo that sang Lost In Thoughts from Fire Emblem Fates and a guitar duo that performed a Beatles song. The poetry was mostly original and all was recited well. Every act was very good.

The Open Mic Night was performed at the Plaza Library. If you are a teen waiting for an opportunity to get your voice out there, then the Open Mic Night is the place for you!