Para Pendejo No Se Estudia – Review by Barbara Dooley

Sebastian Smith captured the audience from the moment he walked on stage. Setting out his props, an array of food and over-the-counter medications, he sat himself in front of the mic and began to tell the audience the story of his immigrant family. In a mixture of English and Spanish, which he helpfully translated, he traced his family back to its native roots in Mexico, explaining how he ended up as a white man with a white name, yet is, in fact, a “Mexican-American.”

Smith’s training in stand-up and as an actor was obvious. The piece is funny and interesting and he had the audience following every word. The life lessons he gleaned from his grandmother, his abuelita, were skillfully interwoven in his own life story.

The only complaint this reviewer had was the length: Clocking at about 35 minutes, the audience was left wanting to hear more.