Six Degrees Of Defecation – Review by Greg Cantrell

Brie Henderson’s Six Degrees Of Defecation is an anthology of several “poo stories” set in a courtroom with witnesses “testifying” to their horrific experiences in several “real life” situations.

While this performance is very ambitious and original in its scope, it was at times uneven in delivery. Ms. Henderson was quite inventive with the variety of adjectives, puns and descriptions which she used to describe the foul mess. Sometimes it seemed Ms.Henderson constructed the many different settings and characters (the Eiffel Tower, a car stuck in rush hour traffic, a movie theater showing Lord Of The Rings) to tell essentially the same story over and over.

The funniest individual story/performance was by Joel Nichols, former KMBC/KSHB weatherman. His hilarious telling of his “fart plus poo story”, about the time he was en route to the studio for an early morning local news program and ended up with “unintended consequences” was easily the best of the evening. It was both believable and expertly delivered, as he also interacted with a few audience members. Trevor Martin’s “Hero Dad Poo” was also very amusing. Many of the other individual stories had great lines as well.

This is the third in a series of plays about the once dark and dirty secret of those suffering from intestinal and bowel diseases. Ms. Henderson is to be commended for bringing this “to the light” and perhaps just needs to tighten the show up a bit.