T-Money is Cancelled – Review by Kelly Luck

Times have certainly changed. If the old tales are to be believed, the sexual crimes of the rich and powerful were once winked at, not even a whispered condemnation. Over the decades, however, with more and more women loudly asserting their right to their own bodily autonomy and the rise of the panopticon known as social media, it is starting to become a different world indeed. When entertainer T-Money manages to get himself caught in yet another scandal, his business team scrambles to do damage control and turn it around, before wondering if they should, in fact, do so at all.

Prisca Jebet Kendagor’s script is crisp and witty, and about as timely as it’s possible to be. Race, sex, privilege, and social media collide full-force as the team struggle to rein in their out-of-control client. Tempers flare, hashtags sprout like mushrooms after rain, and above all, the question: why are they putting themselves through this?

The world is going through some serious growing pains right now, and “T-Money” catches the zeitgeist and holds a pin-sharp mirror up to it. Four finely-tuned performances bring the script to vivid life. This play deals with adult issues in a frank and, yes, adult way, and is strongly recommended.