The Artist: Inspired – Review by Teen Fringe Reviewer, Isaac Robinson

Sometimes when ballet moves from the traditional, it struggles. Some directors stick to classical traditions, others experiment and fuse different styles into ballet, and others like newer dances such as hip hop and popping/locking. ‘The Artist: Inspired’ goes for the more experimental route while using classical tradition and pulls it off fantastically. This brings in those who love classical styles and those who love newer styles.

‘The Artist: Inspired’ not only focuses on the technical aspect, but on the visual and emotional as well. This is shown in the lighting, costumes, music, and, of course, the dancing. The lighting and costumes are simplistic yet vibrant in their design. While there is a lot of classical music, other music genres are included: pop, RnB, EDM, and even a bit of industrial. The music choices welcome many different audiences with open arms. While the dancing is primarily ballet, other dances include modern, lyrical, and jazz. The beautiful visuals and different genres of dance show newcomers the beauty of dance.

‘The Artist: Inspired’ is visually and musically stunning. The dancers flow around the stage like it’s nothing. The technique is well executed. ‘The Artist: Inspired’ is being performed at The Bolender Center and is artistically directed by Christina Valdez and Michele Hamlett-Weith. The presentation is all around beautiful. If you’re looking for not only a ballet performance, but something visually stunning, then I highly recommend this gem!