The Shift Show – Review by Kelly Luck

While it is true that this show does contain some aerial performances, it should be noted that this is not the primary purpose or format of the show. It is, in fact, a sort of new-age infomercial, the aerial and musical interludes only serving to pad time and set the mode for advertising various products.

This was extremely disappointing. As the show began, this reviewer started to think the “medicine show” aspect was a clever framing device to talk about things women must deal with in their lives. Unfortunately, it became clear the artist wasn’t joking, and indeed all of her various items were on sale at the end for a “donation”. In the meantime, the audience was treated to a smattering of personal narrative and trite “wisdom.” The most interesting appeared to be copped from Willy Wonka.

It wasn’t all disappointing. The music was nice, if soporific. Some was even performed live, which was interesting to watch. It is a shame to see Fringe exploited in this manner; this reviewer dreads the day she once again sits down to a solo show and discovers it’s only a pretext to sell