Turning the Page – Review by Isaac Robinson, Fringe Teen Reviewer

Produced by VidaDance Company, ‘Turning The Page’ is a family friendly ballet that tells the tale of Ricki, a young girl who is picked on by a school bully. She quickly runs to the library to get away from the bully. After looking at the books and wandering around a bit, she falls unconscious onto the ground. Afterwards, she dreams of an epic adventure filled with characters and settings from various books such as Tom Sawyer, Mr. Poppers Penguins, and Lord Of The Flies. Throughout the story, Ricki tries to find her courage to speak up for herself and stand her own ground.

‘Turning The Page’ is a fast paced adventure that is told through dance, costumes, and other visual elements. The choreography is very well done and tells the story extremely well. Choreographed by Krystal Bryan, this performance is showing at The Bolender Center. When you see the show, bring some school supplies to donate. All donations will go to Cornerstones of Care. The recital is aimed towards a younger audience, so bring your friends and family for a thrilling and magical ballet!