Weirdo – Review by Barbara Dooley

Presented as a “work in progress,” “Weirdo” tells the story of a group of women who meet in the ’90s, first in a public space and then, after police intervention, at a club. The Club features an “Open Mic” night and it is only during this scene that the actors speak. Two of the women make a connection. They reunite a decade later and celebrate the relationship in a traditional wedding ceremony.

Most of “Weirdo” is told through dance and movement. Only a few of the actors seemed to be trained dancers. There is a refreshing sense of the freedom and exhilaration that women-only clubs offered to non-heterosexual women.

The Open Mic confessions were well-delivered, moving, and poetic.

The music throughout the play is wide-ranging and excellent.

A special shout-out for the professional-quality program, which also included an insert outlining the scenes. In the next iteration, however, it might be possible to incorporate the scene descriptions into the on-stage action, allowing the audience to be more fully involved in the developing action.