The Opinions of Men: A Stupid History of the Protestant Reformation – Teresa Leggard, Fringe Reviewer

This Woman’s Opinion on “The Opinions of Men: A Stupid History of the Protestant Reformation” – by Teresa Leggard

The animated play (does that just make it a cartoon?) by Ben Dudley is Drunk History meets Adult Swim. We all know it’s a weird time and this is not how anyone intended to experience the festival. Dudley’s use of the medium makes me appreciate what it has to offer instead of bemoaning the fact that I was watching on a screen in my house and not in a theatre with friends and KC Fringe enthusiasts.

For example, the show has about a dozen characters voiced by nine actors. (Can you imagine that backstage?) Through animation, Dudley is able to use a variety of settings, but the score between scenes helps to provide a feeling of consistency. The format also means Dudley can indulge every tangent and non sequitur—he does, and it’s a strength of the show. Of the many characters we meet in this one-hour one-act, PROF. HAROLD DANCE voiced by Dave Levy and KATHERINE voiced by Brianna Bernard were standouts.