Chapters of Seeking

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IMG_1023 - Tristian Griffin

Company Name: Tristian Griffin Dance Company


Ratings: All Ages

Warnings: n/a


In "Chapters of Seeking" Tristrian Griffin explores the nature of momentum and time. "Seeking Momentum" acknowledges momentum throughout; however, it is not about the presence of the element but the degree of how it is being utilized. Throughout the process, he envisioned a simple portrait. What if momentum was fragmented, scattered, shattered, absorbed, contained, passed from person to person, from body to body, from flesh to flesh? Much like momentum, energy, time and love are other elements that sustain human life and these themes eventually begin to merge with each other. This is why dancers explore the idea of companionship and camaraderie with either a touch or kick, which ripples through time either in parallel universes or existing in the same world. "Seeking Momentum" premiered in 2013 at Texas Christian University and has been restaged for several festivals including: Modern Night at the Folly and Regional Alternative Dance Festival. “In time” is about a character and her relationship with time. Time is evasive, raw, and visceral. But also can be gentle and forgiving. The character experiences all the above and, ultimately, reconciles with the truth of time: Time is going. Time is passing. But time never stands still. “In time” premiered at Open Stage. 4 love Love is a universal language but the language has 4 different dialects. Storge (friendship/brotherhood love), Philia (an affectionate, warm and tender platonic love), Agape (unconditional love/empowerment), and Eros (a passionate and intense love), all are four different types of love. Each love has a very specific condition. The dancers within “Seeking: 4 Love”, explore the various dimensions of love and how one effects the other. Truth The pathway to truth is different for everyone. In life, we navigate through adversities, relationships, and daily objectives, all aiming towards discovering individual truth. Sometimes, we lose our way, or deviate from our original quest. However, the characters in this chapter discover that truth is always on time, it never loses momentum, and is found in the love that we share. Dancers Joshua Bodden Amanda DeVenuta Caroline Dahm Kaitlyn Gardner Trey Johnson Katie Johnson Kelsey Matsch Emily Mushinski Seth York


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