The Girl Who Howled At The Moon And Other Stories

By Lorraine Darnell

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Company Name: Lorraine Darnell

Ratings: Parental Guidance (Material may not be appropriate for all children)

Warnings: I say "hell" once and "kick-ass" once. I tell a personal story in which I describe a scene in which an older man is being sexually inappropriate with me when I was thirteen. I preface my story by saying that this story contains some difficult subject matter, that the story happened very long ago, that the story is about me, and that I came out just fine.


In the still of the night, have you ever heard a voice whispering in your ear that it's time to find out who you really are? Join storyteller Lorraine Darnell for truth and fable about following your heart and embracing your wild side. This show celebrates the love and power within each of us to create our own destiny.

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