BASCULE: Balancing Art and Passion - Kansas City Aerial

Reviewed By Bob Evans

KC Applauds

‘BASCULE’ nurtures aerial excellence
Grace, style, precision, and strength characterize the beautiful “BASCULE: Balancing Art and Passion,” the 2021 Kansas City Fringe Festival entry from local aerial artists.
Always a featured act in circuses, aerial acts caused spectators’ palms to sweat during their performances.  Then, along came Cirque du Soleil that eliminated the animal acts and devoted all energy into aerial acts of several types.  But, where did those artists originate?
Viewers of “BASCULE” realize that budding Kansas City aerialists might, someday, evolve into one of those featured performers.  Several short balancing acts comprise the KC Fringe Show, that allows viewers to watch the local talent perform on silky fabric ropes, large and small hoops, and trapeze-like apparatus to display individual and couple skills.
The pieces chosen for these performances permit the artists to display their ballet-gracefulness alongside their flowing movements while suspended in air.  In some selections, the strength of the artists makes one wonder how they perform without bulging, bodybuilder-muscles.
Kansas City Aerial Arts best describes their video: “Born from passion and shaped by the artistic medium of choice, each piece is a story, a message, an adventure the performers have been dreaming to share. Each piece is a balance of skill and imagination.”
KC Fringe viewers who enjoy beauty, symmetry, and grace above the ground will enjoy “BASCULE: Balancing Art and Passion.”