Dreams and Memories - Lorraine Darnell

Reviewed By Luke Dodge

Fringe Reviewer

Lorraine Darnell delivers a collection of four short stories, approximately fifteen minutes each, against a peaceful wooded backdrop and evoking memories of listening to Mr. Rogers as a child. Storytelling is difficult to translate to a recorded medium with the same energy and connection as with a live audience, but her polished and well-rehearsed delivery helps to bring the intimate environment into your own home.

Though watching someone sit for an hour telling stories may not sound engaging, simple editing kept the video fresh without detracting from the stories as they unfolded with practiced ease. The sound quality was excellent and except for a few moments where distracting shadows crept in, she executed the entire production at a professional level.

Half the stories are retellings of folktales, entertaining in their own right, but Lorraine’s strength is in her personal stories from her childhood, where detailed descriptions paint a vivid picture that engages all the senses. Those stories are where the magic of storytelling takes place.

While these stories are reminiscent of children’s folktales told at a public library, there are darker moments involving trauma, so parents should use their discretion before allowing younger children to view.